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The cornerstone of Digital Rhombus lies on media related services because we need to design visuals in-terms of themes, UI etc. We are also required to shoot 360º videos that we convert to VR experience. Towards that, DR feature's premium in-house talents who constitute the entire media production eco-system - from concept to delivery. Though, as an organisation, we tend to focus more on VR projects; we undertake film production services from concept to delivery because we love the process.

We produce large format commercials as well as small format productions meant for telecast, cinema or on-line distribution. In the past year, we have done corporate films for clients like UPS, digital films for KFC, VFX for a series on a major international network and, also delivered 1100 mins of 2D animation pre-production work in 3 months!


Pre-production forms the basis that any content takes direction from. Our team of storytellers and design artists are industry experts and have been practicing this art since over two decades. Our team plan and deliver the most “bang for the buck!”

We develop & design concepts, ideas and execute them.


The DR team has collectively been a part of all kinds of production - film, commercials, video’s, documentaries, television shows - ALL! We now extend this service with the ability to shoot and deliver 360º VR Videos.

And if that is not enough, we also produce 360º VR multi-cam with real time graphics while streaming it all on-line to Facebook, YouTube or a private CDN point.


The DR studio boasts of a complete post-production studio - complete with software, hardware and a high-speed NAS. Comprising of experienced editors & post-production professionals, the team is equipped and inclined to deliver the best creatively and technically quality visuals.

Experienced project managers ensure quality assurance through the process.

3D Modeling

Our 3D team delivers high-value realistic VR experience and therefore, while being creative are also quick to deliver 2D filmic output for animation, pack shots, character, etc. The primary 3D team is also supported by photoshop and after effects artists as to fulfil most project requirements.


Unlike a typical production house, we have an in-house crack-shot VFX team who are also designers in their own right. Each project is thought of and designed at a conceptual level and then executed to deliver the most convincing shots for the project.

3D Printing

We use scanners to be able to recreate environments for our VR outputs. These are very high-quality scanners meant to scan linear as well as organic objects.

Our team then works on further refining these scans and deliver the best printable objects in the market.

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