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Projects Executed

We carry a niche portfolio of domestic & international clientele. Majority of our projects are under strict NDA's and therefore, not featured on this page. However, here are some projects we worked on in the last one year.

MRO Solution

Deployment: Microsoft HoloLens

Objective: To build a HoloLens based solution that can integrate to & automate the factory floor support system. The solution required for integrating communication with SME's over audio & video while integrating to the floor support database to facilitate automation & analytics.

Challenge: 4 weeks were provided to deliver the solution.

Utility: Useful tool to save time by support personals.

Business Case: Reduce downtime and faster ticket closures.

Interior Retail Industry

Deployment: Oculus Rift; Samsung Gear; Cardboard

Objective: To populate 2 properties with products featured from the company's catalogue.

Challenge: To create an environment and feature realistic objects that are close to the real world counterpart.

Utility: To enable high-end clients to plan, see and purchase products from the catalogue using a VR environment of their property.

Business Case: Display product line for immediate sales.

Media Industry

Deployment: Television, on-line marketing

Objective: Provide complete creative services for the event “BREATHLESS - the worlds highest race.” Digital Rhombus was expected to name the event and plan the entire marketing strategy and execution. We also shot and televised the event to be marketed for broadcasting. This production was acquired for standard broadcast video as well as for 360º VR film output.

Challenge: The mammoth size of the project and the multiple tasks required by the project was a challenge in itself.

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