Mixed Reality

Mixed reality allows, users, to navigate through the real world and the virtual environment seamlessly and simultaneously. The virtual objects are positioned in the real world space and coordinates. Whenever a user moves towards it, the virtual objects get bigger and vice versa. And whenever a user moves around it, one can see the virtual objects from different angles and perspectives… just like we see objects behaving in the real world. The experience is like viewing holograms objects.
Furthermore, in mixed reality,  users are also able to manipulate the virtual objects. Users can interact with their concepts in virtual objects form as if they really existed in front of them.
Some examples of the mixed reality technology are Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap and Canon MREAL System. Although some say that HoloLens is under the AR (Augmented Reality) category; according to Microsoft, it should get categorised under the MR (Mixed Reality) domain. 
Mixed Reality is yet in its infancy. However, there are still various applications that MR may be suited for.

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