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Use Cases


  • VR adds more dimensions to virtual prototyping, product building, assembly, service, performance use-cases.

  • Enables engineers from different disciplines to view their "point of interest" in the final product.

  • Immersive engineering enables management and investors to see virtual prototypes prior to the availability of any physical prototypes.


  • VR adds a very precise dimension to education - learning physics, biology etc., can provide impetuous to learn as well as deliver retention capability.

  • VR for autistic personal's education because virtual environments or input stimuli are controllable to match what is tolerable to the individual.

  • A study showed that VR was useful in helping students visualise abstract mathematical concepts..

Real Estate

  • VR can help architects experience designs they are working on before they executed.

  • Seeing designs in VR can give architects a correct sense of scale and proportion.

  • It eliminates the need to make physical miniatures to demonstrate a design to clients or the public.

  • Developers and Owners can create a VR model of a property enabling potential buyers or tenants to tour a property in VR.


  • Virtual reality enables recreation of heritage sites with extreme accuracy so that recreations can be used to make VR experiences as well as publish in various media.

  • The original sites are often inaccessible to the public or, due to the poor state of their preservation, hard to picture. Virtual Reality technology can be used to develop virtual replicas of caves, natural environment, old towns, monuments, sculptures and archaeological elements.

  • VR can also help the industry with virtual visits to destinations to attract people with VR glimpses of sites, facilities, hotels, cultures, food, packages etc.


  • Scientists and doctors are collaborating with experts in the field of virtual reality to help patients overcome phobias, post-traumatic stress disorders and even phantom limb syndrome.

  • VR is helping in medical training where mistakes can be made without suffering any fatal repercussions.

  • Disaster agencies can greatly benefit from Virtual Reality to train first responders prepare both physically and mentally for any given situation.

  • Virtual Reality can be recorded and used for reviewing, debriefing and reporting leveraging the ability for healthcare training data analytics and insights.


  • Businesses and brands are using story-driven VR experiences that educate and entertain and engage consumers.

  • Cuts marketing costs, reduces units of products returned and, delivers sophisticated analytics.

  • Use of virtual reality in e-Commerce provides the treasured ‘try before you buy’ experience for shoppers.

Tech Companies

  • Internal Employee Training – HR, Legal Compliance, BPO Staff etc.

  • Showcasing Centre of Excellence (COEs) to customers 

  • Showcasing Technology Labs to attract potential customers.

  • Improve Customer Experience by adopting and distributing VR content for remote viewing of services offered and "as is" view of HOW!


  • Entertainment is usually associated with immersion, escape and bringing impossible to life; thus making us forget about the reality.

  • VR films like Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Carne y Arena (Virtually Present, Physically Invisible) are redefining the grammar of film making and consumption.

  • Virtual theme parks & the gaming have already adopted VR to push an extra edge to their entertainment offerings.

  • Making it possible for humans to get entirely immersed in the world of amusement and pleasure.

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